Why Crossroads

Crossroads ABA Clinic provides high quality, individualized services to children with autism and their families. Providers are well-trained and provide compassionate care on a therapy schedule that reflects the needs of the child. Crossroads ABA Clinic collaborates with Crossroads Center for Children in providing children with speech, OT, and PT services. Additionally, this collaboration allows for children receiving individual therapy to participate in classroom/group activities throughout the day. After-school social groups are also available.

  • Over 20 years experience in the field of ABA
  • Opportunities to gain experience in a group setting while still having the support of an individual trained therapist
  • Speech, OT, and PT providers on site
  • Flexible individualized scheduling
  • Continuity of care from age of diagnosis to twelve years of age
  • Home -based therapy

Crossroads In the Media

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We're Hiring

Crossroads provides you with all the training you need to begin your career in the ABA field! Whether you are just getting started in the field (Behavior technician roles) or gaining fieldwork hours in pursuit of the board certification in behavior analysis or licensure in ABA (Autism Specialist position), Crossroads has a track for you!