Crossroads ABA Clinic offers a variety of services including various insurance funded services, free caregiver and provider Information sessions, as well as School District Trainings and Consultation.

Individualized Therapy

The Crossroads ABA Clinic specializes in providing individualized therapy to young children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. A variety of skills can be targeted ranging from improvement of play and leisure skills, adaptive skills, communication skills, and social skills, to addressing toilet training issues, various sleep and eating issues, as well as problem behaviors. An individualized plan is created to meet the needs of the child and their family. Services are provided by Board Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBAs) and highly skilled behavior technicians.

Individualized therapy sessions occur at the Clinic (located in Schenectady) and under some circumstances may occur in the child’s home, daycare, other community setting.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups are great for children who have advanced through the basic skills programs and are ready to learn in a group format. This type of session allows for our therapists to target skills that are related to interacting with others in a positive manner. Social skills groups are used to teach a variety of social behaviors such as conversation skills, friendship skills, social competence, and problem-solving. In addition, specific interaction skills such as initiating, responding to, and maintaining interactions, greeting others, giving/accepting compliments, turn taking, sharing, asking for help, offering help, and including others in play activities can be targeted in this setting.

Caregiver Consultation

Crossroads ABA Clinic can provide support to caregivers who find themselves struggling with behavior, eating, and/or sleeping issues related to their loved one with autism. This service can be provided as a stand-alone service or in conjunction with individualized therapy.

Caregiver consultation may occur in the child’s home, daycare, other community setting and/or online depending on the child and family’s needs.

School District Trainings & Consultation

We have experienced success partnering with public schools for a variety of reasons ranging from simply providing basic trainings to more intense levels of support such as collaborating to provide programming for students who have not been successful in district and find themselves being educated at home. Supports that fall in between these two ends of the continuum include classroom or student specific recommendations, functional behavior assessment, training and supervision of staff in implementing recommendations, etc. Please contact us to learn more about the full range of supports that can be provided!

We're Hiring

Crossroads provides you with all the training you need to begin your career in the ABA field! Whether you are just getting started in the field (Behavior technician roles) or gaining fieldwork hours in pursuit of the board certification in behavior analysis or licensure in ABA (Autism Specialist position), Crossroads has a track for you!